Toy “R” Us Launches Kid-Geared Tablet …at $149.99 Are You Serious?!

First, too little, too late.

Second, over priced.

I am a  huge technology supporter, I think it is great for the most part, especially for kids.  However, I’ll be damned if I would spend $150 on a tablet with such crappy specs, what appears to be a proprietary app store and when I could get a real tablet, with good specs and teach my child to use real technology gadgets and not pathetic knock-offs.

Furthermore, Toys “R” Us, you should already know that you carry a line of products that essentially do what you are trying to offer.  Enter LeapFrog.

Not to mention…nowhere have their been any screen resolution specs released either.  Big deal that it has parental controls listed and can protect your kids on the Internet.  You can get that in the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.  You can get one nice tablet for $150 whether with a wireless carrier or without and then even the parents can use it too.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I sure don’t have an extra $150 to throw at a half-ass tablet when my daughter can use mine and I can monitor what she does with or without an app.  By the way, no app is perfect at protecting your kids from the Internet.  First, kids are smart, they can figure out a way around it.  Second, everything fails, if it implements technology, it’s bound to bust, or people like me wouldn’t have a job.  Bottom line is don’t rely on an app to do the job for you, you have to be proactive as well.

Here’s the link to the product page on Toys “R” Us.  LINK

You didn’t ask for my  opinion, but I just gave it to you.  If this “Tabeo” makes it…I’ll be shocked.  Otherwise, Epic. Fail.

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