Moving WSUS to a New Server & Saving the Downloads

It wasn’t all that long ago that we were updating and patching workstations and servers manually, touching every machine for every update.  Good, bad or indifferent, Microsoft has given us Windows Server Update Services.  Then I never thought I would run out of hard drive space on a 100GB drive for updates and patches.  Guess what, I did.  Still just a bit hesitant to remove them and having not taken the time to research the proper removal procedures, I took on searching for a cure which translated into moving WSUS to a new server and syncing it with the old WSUS server, saving having to download all of the updates again from the web.

I ended up finding a very thorough and excellent guide to do just this at:

The Capslock Assassin Blog

In a quick nutshell, here are the steps I took from the above link:

  1. Install WSUS on the new server choosing to have a local windows database.
  2. During the configuration process, choose to have the new server “Synchronize from another Windows Server Update Services server”.  Also on this screen check the box next to “This is a replica of the upstream server”.
  3. Some of the rest of the configuration options will be unavailable because of the option in step 2, this is normal.
  4. Begin the initial synchronization and let it finish.  But wait!  Make sure to watch the downloading progress, don’t go any further until you know it has completed.
  5. Now this WSUS installation is basically functioning as a mirror with no workstations following it which is okay at this point. OM installation will change the GPO later.

  6. Click the options link in the left pane of the Update Services Console.

  7. Click the Update Source and Proxy Server link and remove the check in the ‘This is a replica of the upstream server’ box as well as change the radio button to ‘Synchronize from Microsoft Update’.

  8. Download the WSUS Tools from Microsoft here:

  9. Download the tools to both the old and the new OM Servers (WSUS Servers) and install them.

  10. On the old server open a command prompt and go to C:\Program Files\Update Services 3.0 API Samples and Tools\WsusMigrate\WsusMigrationExport folder,

  11. Run ‘wsusmigrationexport.exe settings.xml’

  12. On the new server, open a command prompt and go to C:\Program Files\Update Services 3.0 API Samples and Tools\WsusMigrate\WsusMigrationImport folder, copy the settings.xml file created in step 15 to this folder.

  13. Run ‘wsusmigrationimport.exe settings.xml All None’

  14. In my environment, I did not need to complete the steps numbered 11 and 12 on The Capslock Assassin’s List so I cannot attest to them working for me – but everything else worked like a charm!WSUS-problem

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