Let the President be Human.

There has been a lot of buzz about this video in the news over the past day or so.  I’ve seen comments trashing the news for reporting on it, comments that there must not be anything happening in the world, comments bashing the secret service and finally, the ones that see this for what it is, human.

Now I’m not trying to say all of these people who see this video for anything but humor and the humanizing and normalizing of our Commander in Chief are wrong – but I am saying to cut everyone involved some slack folks.  There are a lot of things going on in the world today that, for lack of better words, suck.  So, if you ask me, this is news.  This is good news.  Why is it good news to me you ask?  My answer is simple – it shows me that the #POTUS hasn’t forgotten that he has a sense of humor.  It shows that although he holds the highest office in America he’s still your average, ordinary guy.

Now this isn’t a political post, not a post about positions or candidates nor is it a post about how good or bad the Democratic or Republican parties are.  But it’s my 5 minutes on my soapbox voicing my appreciation for President Obama showing that he can be your average, everyday dude.  I even got a laugh out of him showing that and I appreciate that.  Even the smallest business suits can let the positions go to their head and boost their egos.


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