Kreg Jig Master System

ScreenShot007The next installment in “Products I Recommend” surely has to be the Kreg Jig.   I won’t bore you with the gory details of the product, you can look at that on Amazon or wherever you choose.  In a nutshell – what the Kreg Jig does is make woodworking with pocket hole joinery a snap. However, I will tell you why I like it…

  1. Ease of use.  If a tool or device doesn’t make whatever you are trying to do easier, what’s the point?  It makes pocket hole joinery not only possible but also easy!
  2. Durability.  Nobody likes to throw good money away – unless you wipe your butt with $100 bills.  The pocket hole guides are made of a hardened steel core and carries a lifetime warranty.   The rest of the tool, the “blue” parts is made from a composite material and not some flimsy plastic.
  3. Usefulness.  I do a lot of woodworking.  The pocket hole creates a nice strong joint.
  4. Portability.  You aren’t stuck to your workbench in order to use it.  You can take it anywhere with you.
  5. Documentation & Knowledge.  The product comes with a quick reference manual and an instructional DVD.  You can also find extensive plans and information online and the community usage is high so you can also learn from others that use the tool!

All-in-all it is seriously one of the best tools I have spent money on!

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