Forgot WordPress Admin Password and Email doesn’t work!!!

Recently, I somehow forgot both my WordPress admin password and for some reason the email retrieval was not working (which I later found out I had combined two different emails and the ‘new’ one of course did not exist.)

There are really two ways to handle this. The first is…

If you have access to setup email accounts for your web hosting and domains and the domain ‘created’ by the incorrect email address actually does exist, you can setup an email account to match. Of course, that was not the case for me and I had to do the following…

  1. First, you will need to create an MD5 password, so go to
  2. Enter your password in the box and click to encrypt it, highlight and copy the password to your clipboard.
  3. Access the MySQL Admin tool, which may be phpmyadmin, provided by your hosting provider.
  4. Access the wp_users table.
  5. Enter a new ID, which should be the next in sequence.
  6. Add a new row to the table and enter the user_login field as a new username.
  7. Paste the MD5 password you created into the user_pass field.
  8. You don’t have to but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to enter the user_email too.
  9. Save the information.
  10. Access the wp_usermeta table.
  11. Duplicate all of the data for the original admin account, there should be 12 fields total.
  12. Make sure that you change the nickname to match the user login.
  13. Make sure that the 12 new fields have unique, sequential umeta_id numbers.
  14. Make sure that the 12 new fields’ user_id column matches the new id you created earlier.
  15. Save the table.
  16. That’s it! You should now be able to login using the account you just created!

There is of course a third option that I figured out later too that you could just correct the user_email in the wp_users table from phpmyadmin, but then again, what fund would taking the easy way have been?

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