Conspiracy Theorists Dream…


It is definitely interesting that months have gone by now and MH370 is no longer in the news.  We can blame the media for that – old news is boring.  There’s nothing “exciting” happening – people don’t want to watch, listen or read about it.  It doesn’t sell and it surely doesn’t get the ratings.  Again, as I have complained before, money is the driving force in this country, gross.

Anyhow…I Googled it today, just curious as to what I could find.  I stumbled upon the article below.  It was definitely interesting.  I don’t understand how, in this day and age, that we can not find a commercial jet but we can send people into outer space.  We can track people by their cell phones but we can’t find a plane that may or may not be on the ocean floor.  Sounds fishy.  Pun intended.

Could it be some sort of cover up?  If you ask me, it could be.  Withdrawals have come out of some of the missing people’s bank accounts which at first obviously sent conspiracy theorists into orbit.  However, that wouldn’t have sparked my interest.  If a criminal wants to get money from an account, they’ll figure it out in today’s world.  And what better target that a person presumably dead at the ocean floor?  Bad news for the criminal though…they got caught.

I have to side with conspiracy theorists at this point though.  It’s been far too long with no real trace of the plane.  There is more to this story than perhaps anyone knows and lets face it, those who do, aren’t sharing.  The whole “investigation” has been a disaster at best since the very beginning.

Quite frankly, if I was one of the family members, I’d be pissed, I’d want answers.  I cannot imagine living a minute in their shoes for the past 5 months.

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