Congress bickers over the most stupid shit.


I saw this billboard on the way home from work yesterday and it just disturbed the living hell out of me. Why is this even an issue? Call me ignorant, I don’t care, but if these men and women have risked their lives for this country, the absolute least we can do is see to it that they have a good life post-service. If you ask me, there should be the same sort of “tracking,” if you will, as when a soldier is considered AWOL.

These people risk paying the ultimate sacrifice so all of us civilians can live a safe, happy and prosperous life.  Maybe Congress and the Government should have a pissing match about solving this problem and not whether or not they agree with Obamacare or if Mr. Democrat hates Mrs. Republican and vice versa.  While those clowns in D.C. are behind closed doors with a shutdown government and at risk of default because they are too busy being irresponsible and careless, there are people who literally don’t have a pot to piss in.  Honestly, right now, the U.S. Government looks and sounds like a bunch of high school kids who can’t accept responsibility for the royal screw-ups they have created.  Mrs. Democrat blames Mr. Republican who blames Obama, depending on the day.

Too many of our elected officials who claim to be in D.C. on our behalf are full of shit, if they were standing up on our behalf, the U.S. Government would not have shut down in the first place.  Problems like homeless Veterans would not exist.  Instead, the larger issue at hand is whether or not to fund the Affordable Care Act.  Seriously?  Figure it out Sir Government.   The economy has affected all of us normal citizens and what do we do?  We change our spending habits, our lifestyles and acclimate to a new life that mirrors what we can afford to do.  Why are you Circus of Clowns unable to do the same?  We elected you people because we had faith in your efforts, your knowledge, your skills, etc.  For what?  So you can act like a bunch of morons?  Maybe in fact, we the people are the fools here that actually chose to put you where you are.

Here’s something to bicker about you Ring of Idiots, get the Homeless Veterans off the street, whatever you are doing, try harder.  Whatever you claim to be doing to get the Government back open, figure it the hell out so REAL problems can be solved!

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