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Upgrade ESXi 5.0 to 5.5

Upgrading and updating servers can be a royal pain in the rear.  Especially when you run a relatively small organization like myself and have just a handful of VMware boxes to upgrade. When you do a search for a guide on VMware’s site, you get a good guide but chances are you don’t have some […]

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Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Unexpected Server Error & Embedded Database Service Fails to Start

So I am in mid-swing of a Windows Server 2012 upgrade which involves migrating my Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager installation to this new server.  All is going well until I go to the server configuration wizard and get this lovely little error message: As always, while scouring the Internet, there are plenty of different solutions […]

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Group Policy Isn’t Working!!!

I’ve just finished fixing a ridiculously large group policy problem where the policies would constantly not be working on just about every workstation. There are a slew of links and solutions out there – here’s the run down on mine. Problem: The Application Event Log on Windows XP SP2 Workstations was logging events 1030 and […]

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