2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee…Power Window Problems

I realize this is a little off topic, but then again, remember, I never said this was technology only, right?

Last night I was blessed with the problem of my wife’s 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee’s driver’s side window not working. She said she thought the glass had broke inside because she thought she could hear it, she said it seemingly crunched when she put the window down.

Well…being fearless to fool around and attempt to fix anything as I am (I do have a vast knowledge in cars too, but not my favorite thing to do on current cars), I decided to find out for myself the root of the problem.  When I got the door panel removed, I found that the steel cable that attaches to both the motor and the regulator had come loose and I knew I had to remove the whole deal, glass included and replace the part.  As it turned out, I had to replace the whole motor and regulator, but it was only $90, I found it later today on eBay for about $50 with free shipping so if you can wait a couple of days, you can save $40, unfortunately, I couldn’t.  Also, doing it yourself will probably save you $300-$400 in parts and labor from a dealer or body shop.

First things first, I had to get the door panel off – always a fun time but to do that:

  1. Remove 3 screws – One in the armrest grab handle (phillips head), one near the rearview mirror (phillips head) and one behind the door handle (star bit).
  2. Remove the panel carefully, there are no more screws but it is held on by plastic retaining clips, I found it easiest to use a small flat head screwdriver, starting by the lower right corner of the panel and lifting it up and out carefully and then sliding a larger flat head screwdriver in and prying the corner out, I then went up, then to the left under the window and then back down the left side.  Once you get those out, the bottom ones should pop out very easily or if you can reach, on the door panel itself (backside) you can press a little plastic release by each clip and it will leave the clip intact.  Don’t worry if you break a couple, they are only a few bucks at the auto parts store for a package of them.
  3. During removal, you will have to remove the wiring harness from the door panel, which just clicks in place as well as the two latch rods.  The latch rods can be removed by releasing the clip from the rod and rotating the clip off the rod and lifting the rod from the retaining hole.
  4. Remove the 6×9 Speaker (4 phillips head screws) and unplug the wiring harness from the reverse side.

Second, there is a rubbery plastic piece, this is called the waterdam, it is held on by a non-drying rubbery, glue.  Carefully remove it and it should be able to be attached back on very easily with the existing adhesive.  Store it somewhere glue-side up.

Third, we need to take the glass out, but first, lift off the inside weather strip on the door (from the lower part of the window).  Raise the glass up about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way and on the lift plate there are two metal clips, one on each side that secure the glass in place.  These can be pulled off with either a needle nose pliers or even pried easily off with a flat head screwdriver.  Gently press the lower part of the glass towards the door to release the studs from the lift plate.  After they’ve been release, carefully pull the glass up and out of the door.  I found it easiest to remove the left side first and then tip the right side out.

Fourth, it was time to remove the regulator and motor, there are 6 bolts to be reckoned with.  3 have to be completely remove, 2 on the top of the regulator and 1 on the bottom, just remove them and set them aside.  The other three that are attached to the motor just need to be loosened so you can lift the motor up and out of the mounting holes on the door.  After the bolts have been overcome, the motor and regulator assembly should be loose and you can twist and tilt it through the opening in the lower right corner of the door.  It was at this point I realized I had to purchase at least the regulator and at Auto Zone found out the only way to buy it was both the motor and regulator, but for less than $100, I guess I’ll take the plunge, besides, it’s not like I had a choice.

On to the installation of the new one…

On the new regulator/motor assembly, it probably already has the 3 bolts that held the motor in place attached, loosen those up a bit so you’ll be able to fit it into place.  Again, tilt and twist it through the lower right corner of the door and slide it into place with the 3 motor bolts.  Don’t tighten them yet, align the regulator so you can place the 3 bolts to it back into place, then tighten the other 3 on the motor.

Essentially, the installation from here is reverse of the install (like you couldn’t have guessed).  The glass was a bit tricky, but remember, now, start with the right side going in first and it was easier for me.  I would test everything to make sure it works before putting the panel back on – it was a pain to get it off in the first place, why do it twice?  Test the windows, all of them, the door locks, etc.

I did find a service manual online for a 2001 Jeep Grand Cherokee which for all purposes and the most part is the same as the 2002.  If you would like it or need it, email me and I’ll be more than happy to share it.

And after a couple hours, a hundred bucks and some grease on the hands and clothes, I saved myself a couple hundred bucks and even had a little fun!

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